University of Kerbala Organizing two Courses on Diagnosis of Pathogenic Bacteria and Uses of the Refactometer in Food

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences – University of Kerbala has organized two training courses on diagnosis of pathogenic bacteria and uses of the Refactometer in the field of food.
The first course aims at introducing pathogenic bacteria, their types, and bacterial infections, virulence factors of pathogenic bacteria, approved methods and tests used in diagnosing pathogenic bacteria. It also highlights the importance of pathogenic bacteria, their locations and ways of transmission from the environment and animals to humans.
The second course includes knowing the principle of refraction of light, refractive index devices and how to use them to measure the refractive index and their concentration.
It also explains types of refractometers and applications in field of food. It deals with how to read the concentration of dissolved solids and the refractive index of juices and milk using a refractometer.