University of Kerbala Publishes a Paper in an International Journal on Nuclear Energy

The Dutch international journal Nuclear Physics A has published a scientific research by Prof. Dr. Fadhil Ismail Sharrad – the Faculty of Science – University of Kerbala on nuclear energy, which is entitled “Positive parity low-spin states of even–odd 129−133Ba isotopes “.
The positive parity low-spin states of even-odd 129−133Ba isotopes were studied in this study using the Interacting Boson–Fermion Model (IBFM-1). The single fermion is predicted to be in one of three single-particle orbits: 2d5/2, 2d3/2, and 3s1/2. The Interacting Boson Model (IBM-1) was used to investigate the energy levels, electric quadrupole transition probabilities, and potential energy surface of even-even Barium isotopes (a core for even-odd nuclei).
The measured positive parity low-state energy spectra and predicted energy levels, as well as the B(E2) transition probabilities, are reasonably consistent with the experimental data and previous research for Ba isotopes. The potential energy surface contour plot reveals that all interesting nuclei are deformed and have γ-unstable-like properties.