University of Kerbala University Discussing an M. A. Thesis entitled Chemical Phenotypic Study to Distinguish between two types of Senna alata and Senna didymobotrya in Karbala Governorate

Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences /University of Kerbala has discussed an M.A. thesis which is entitled “A phenotypic-accurate and chemical study to distinguish between two species Senna alata and Senna didymobotrya of Fabaceae family in Karbala Governorate
It is presented by Entidhar Ali Fazi’a Abdul Hassan Al-Khafaji.
The thesis aims at study characteristics of epidermis of leaflets, sepal, and corolla, and emphasizing stomata complexes, nature of the surface covering of different plant parts, and studying precise phenotypic characteristics of the epidermis surface of leaflets, sepals, corolla, and sepals using a scanning electron microscope (SEM).
The study shows that phenotypic characteristics have taxonomic importance in diagnosing two types and distinguishing between them, including the surface coating density and types on different surfaces of leaves, stems, corollas, sepals and floral parts, as well as quantitative and qualitative variations in dimensions and shapes of leaves, sepals, petals, stamens and pistils.