Univesty of Kerbala Organizing a Training Course on ” The Effect of Vitamins and Minerals”

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / University of Kerbala has organized a training course which is entitled “The effect of vitamins and minerals”. It has been participated by a number of researchers, students and teaching staff members. The course has been presented by present Asst. Prof. Dr. Ihab Ghazi Mahdi ; Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein Fadel ; Asst.Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asaad Saleh and Asst. Lect. Islam Jawad Kadhim.
The course aims at showing the effect of vitamins on health and psychological aspect of one’s daily life.
The course focuses on the importance of vitamins and minerals, their types and the proportions needed by human or animal body alike, as well as knowledging clinical symptoms that accompany their deficiency .