Vice President of Kerbala University for Scientific Affairs Visits Strategic Studies Center

Prof. Dr. Najim Abdul Hussein Najim, vice president for Scientific Affairs, has visited Strategic Studies Center and in the presence of Director of the Center, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kadhim Baris and heads of departments (Asst. Prof. Dr. Hamad Jassem, Head of the Crisis Management Department, Asst. Prof Dr. Rawafed Muhammad Ali, Head of Legal Studies Department, and Instructor Hussein Basim, Head of Department of International Studies), and in the presence of a number of specialists and researchers.
Prof. Dr. Najim Abdul Hussein Najim has briefed on the progress of work of Strategic Studies Center. He also has discussed some issues related to researchers and the scientific and research plan. He confirms the need for scientific communication and overcoming obstacles as much as possible so as to provide the best.