A Research Team from Kerbala University Is Awarded a Patent for Manufacturing a Device That Simulates the Intensity of Solar Radiation


A research team from the College of Engineering in Kerbala University was awarded a patent for designing and manufacturing a device that simulates the intensity of solar radiation. This is intended to study the properties of the radiation as well as conduct studies in the field of renewable energy.
The leader of the team, Dr. Abbas Sahi Al-Rikabi, stated that the device will enable researchers to conduct studies in the field of renewable energy and Nano technology. Furthermore, Dr. Abbas indicated that the tests that were conducted by the team in the laboratory proved the enhancement of heat transfer by using Nano technology after they programmed the new device using the Arduino C program. Furthermore, he emphasized that the goal of the invention is to allow researchers to conduct tests and comparisons of the different solar groups which will lessen the difficulties, for example weather conditions, that researchers face in examining the solar radiation.
It is essential to note that this patent is the third to be awarded for the College of Engineering by the Iraqi Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control.