A Workshop on Ecotourism


The College of Tourism in the University of Kerbala conducted a workshop entitled ‘Ecotourism: The Most Important Means of Sustainable Development and Green Economy’. The event was attended by several lecturers and staff members from the college.

The workshop, which was conducted by Mr. Ali Hussein, discussed the indicators of tourism growth, the effects of traditional tourism on the environment, the differences between traditional tourism and ecotourism, and the importance of applying the basis of ecotourism in Iraq.

The workshop concluded that ecotourism is an essential component of sustainable development and green economy. Moreover, Mr.Ali emphasized that the sectors which are related to tourism should cooperate to establish the basis of ecotourism in Iraq, ecotourism should be integrated in the curriculum of the schools, and the government should conduct conferences as well as exhibitions about ecotourism to promote tourism in Iraq.