A Lecturer from University of Kerbala publishes scientific research in an International Journal within Scopus

Lect. Shatha Abd-Alameer Jawad, , who is an instructor in , Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Kerbala, has published her paper etitled (Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Amide Ligand Type N2S2 and Metal Complexes with Di Valance Manganese, Zinc and tri Valance Iron” in an international journal”
The journal has been published in the Greek Journal (Annals of the Romanlan Society for Cell Biology), which is classified within Scopus containers.
The amide ligand type N2S2 have been prepared through one step. Included the reaction between one equivalent of ethylene di amine and one equivalent of mercaptoacetic acid compound. the Mn+2, Zn+2,Fe+3from there action of the ligand complexes were prepared with metalions (1:1) ratio, the prepared compounds were characterized by (FT-IR, UV-Vis, 1HNMR) for the ligand and complexes,(C.H.N)-spectroscopies, as well as the molar conductivity and magnetic susceptibility for prepared complexes. These measurements shows all the complexes have octahedral shape and make biological study with two types of bacteria (gram positive and gram negative).