A Research Team from Universities of Kerbala and Warith Alanbiyaa Publishes a Scientific Research in an International Journal

Prof. Dr. Basim Khalil Nile, President of University of Kerbala, and Prof. Dr. Waqid Hamid Hassan, who is one of the teaching staff at Faculty of Engineering, in cooperation with a teacher from University of Warith Alanbiyaa, have published a scientific research in Groundwater for Sustainable Development, Elsevier, with an impact factor of 7.1.
The research deals with studying the impact of climatic changes on natural recharge of groundwater in the Iraqi western desert, where (Downscaling) has been minimized which is one of the most important global models for predicting global climatic changes on the study area using statistical methods (SDSM) under the influence of the most important expected global scenarios to increase the emission of greenhouse gases and greenhouse gases in the coming years. The results have been calibrated with the historical data of seven weather stations in the region for a period of 30 years.