A Study at University of Kerbala Discussing Evaluation and Improvement of Performance of Comprehensive Productive Maintenance Management

Faculty of Administration and Economics / University of Kerbala has discussed a PhD dissertation on evaluation and improvement of performance of comprehensive productive maintenance management in light of integration between balanced scorecard techniques and green process re-engineering.
The study, presented by Raad Abd Muslim Hreijeh, aims at demonstrating possibility of improving performance of comprehensive production maintenance management by applying integration between the balanced score card technology and green process re-engineering technique and highlighting cognitive aspects of one of contemporary technologies to improve strategic performance represented by technology (green process re-engineering), and knowing possibility of improving performance of (comprehensive productive maintenance) management through application of integration between (balanced scorecard) technology and (re-engineering of green operations) technology.
The researcher concludes that implementation and application of technical steps (re-engineering of green processes) contributes to reduce stages of technological path of the current operations in the factory, increasing speed of production and processing, as well as reducing downtime of maintenance. It also reduces environmental pollution causes. The integration between balanced score card technology and green process re-engineering technology contributes to improve strategic performance of economic units, and thus improving performance of (comprehensive production maintenance) management, in a manner that leads to an increase in efficiency and effectiveness of production operations.
The study recommends the need to add and implement double absorption tower to avoid negative impact on factory environment and finding out environmentally friendly production processes or green processes, as well as the need to follow integration procedures between balanced score card technology and re-engineering of green processes to reduce low, uneven and imbalance of factory performance.