An M. A. Thesis at the University of Kerbala Discussing” Real Time Traffic Light Control Using image Processing Techniques”

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kerbala has discussed the M. A. thesis entitled “Real Time Traffic Light Control Using image Processing Techniques”
The thesis presented by the student Shahd Abdul Karim Salman, aims at developing a system for controlling the traffic light by image processing. The system will detect vehicles through images instead of using electronic sensors embedded in the pavement. A camera will be installed alongside the traffic light. It will capture image sequences. The image sequence will then be analyzed using digital image processing for vehicle detection, and according to traffic conditions on the road traffic light can be controlled.
This research suggests to develop an intelligent traffic light system using computer vision to measure the traffic density which can operate with real time of day. The system employs a high resolution camera stationed at each lane of the intersection for the capturing of traffic images which will then be sent to the Raspberry microcontroller for traffic density calculation using image processing.
A virtual online data center has been designed to receive real-time data from intersections to process it and generate optimal vehicle traffic times for each traffic situation.