Kerbala University Discussing an MA Thesis entitled “The Impact of Strategic Leadership on Promoting High Performance”

Faculty of Administration and Economics / University of Kerbala has discussed the MA thesis which is entitled “The Impact of Strategic Leadership on Promoting High Performance: An Analytical Exploratory Study of the Views of a Sample of Senior Leaders in the Popular Mobilization Authority”
The thesis, presented by Karrar Ali Hussein, aims at testing the relationship and influence of strategic leadership through its dimensions based on a scale (Dursema, 2013).
The study focuses on the mechanism of enhancing high performance through its dimensions (management quality, continuous improvement, long-term orientation, openness and effective orientation, employee quality) based on the scale (De waal, 2020).
The study includes the selection of the Popular Mobilization Authority, as a practical part for the current study, according to a sample of (260) respondents from the senior leaders in the authority, using a (questionnaire form) that has been designed and prepared for this purpose
The study concludes that there is a significant correlation and effect for the dimensions of strategic leadership in promoting high performance in the Popular Mobilization Organization.