Kerbala University Discussing a thesis of the Higher Diploma Investment Economics and Feasibility Studies

The Faculty of Administration and Economics at Kerbala University has discussed a higher diploma thesis entitled” investment economics and feasibility studies” via the Zoom application.
The thesis, submitted the student Shahad Saud Ajmi from the Department of Economics, aims at setting a practical and scientific approach to highlight the importance of the technical and financial feasibility study and the criteria used in it to make the proper investment decision.
The thesis deals with the increase of commercial projects in recent years in Kerbala Governorate as a result of the increase in demand for luxury goods in addition to the movement of visitors to the province.
It also shows that the increase that comes as a result of the population and the demand for the existence of these vital projects. Therefore, the importance of studying the economic feasibility of commercial projects appeared.
The thesis addresses investment projects as one of the basic tools through which the available economic resources are mobilized and directed to reach the optimal specialization of resources that achieve economic growth as commercial projects constitute the largest part of the investment sector in Karbala Governorate due to the role it plays as it employs large numbers of unemployed hands as well as a source of self-employment and to reduce the problem of unemployment in addition to that it is complementary projects to the large needs of society.