Kerbala University Holding a Scientific Symposium a about COVID_19 among children with Nephrotic Syndrome

Faculty of Nursing / Kerbala University has held a scientific symposium on COVID_19 among children with nephrotic syndrome. It has been presented by Dr. Zaki Sabah Musaib, with the participation of students, professors and staff of the Faculty.
Dr. Zaki Sabah Musaib deals with the definition of the disease and the number of total infections with the virus, which has exceeded 216 million infected, and indicated that the number of children, including more than 5 million,
The researcher also addresses the importance of preventing the virus by maintaining a safe distance from others, wearing a mask in public, especially indoors, choosing open, well-ventilated spaces over closed ones, cleaning hands, using soap and water, getting vaccinated, and staying home as much as one can.