Kerbala University Organizing a Seminar entitled (Investing artificial intelligence in building a knowledge-based economy)

The Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Kerbala has organized an electronic seminar entitled (Investing artificial intelligence in building a knowledge-based economy), given by the Assist. Lect., Abeer Mortada Hamid Al-Saadi. It has been held through FCC application of), with the participation of a number of researchers and specialists.
The seminar aims at demonstrating the importance of artificial intelligence, the fields in which it is used, and how to benefit from it in information and economic systems,
The seminar deals with the meaning of artificial intelligence, and its the indicator of the government’s readiness for artificial intelligence and applying it in the informational and economic systems. It also discusses the most basic requirements to reach a knowledge-based economy, the application of artificial intelligence, and ways of applying artificial intelligence techniques in the Middle East.