A Workshop at the University of Kerbala on the Immunofluorescence test

Under the patronage of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Basem Khalil Nayel, and under the supervision of Dr. Wifaq Al-Bazi, Dean of the Facu;ty of Veterinary Medicine, and within the activities of the Division of Continuing Education, the Physiology, Biochemistry and Medicines Depts. has organized in cooperation with the Department of Diseases and Poultry Diseases and Names a workshop entitled: “Test of Immunofluorescence”. It has been delivered by each of Dr. Raed Abdul-Mahdi and Assist. Lect. Fateh Odeh Kadhim and Assist. Lect. Shaima Abdel-Hamid and the Physiology Laboratory at the faculty.
The workshop aims at introducing the participants with ways to use the immunofluorescence method in laboratory tests and to discuss its specificity and needs in the laboratory diagnosis of multiple diseases, whether viral or immunological.
It includes a detailed explanation of the immunofluorescence test, which is considered one of the most important immunological tests in the field of scientific research and laboratory diagnosis of many diseases.