University of Karbala Holding an Electronic Scientific Symposium entitled (International Scientific Publishing)

The faculty of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Kerbala has organized an electronic scientific symposium entitled (International Scientific Publishing), on the Google Classroom programme, with the participation of a number of professors and specialists.
The symposium aims at developing researchers’ skills to publishing in international journals.
The symposium deals with a very important topic, which is the skills that the researcher must possess in order to publish his research in scientific journals which are classified within the containers of Scopus and clarivate, from the skill of choosing the title of the research to writing skills and formulating its results in accordance with the requirements of publication in these journals.
The symposium indicates that this is one of the important requirements that gain the researcher an international academic and scientific reputation, which in turn is reflected in the classification of the faculty and then the university to which the researcher belongs.