University of Kerbala discussing, an M.A. Thesis about Investing Minor’s Funds 

The Faculty of Law at the University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A. thesis entitled ” Legal Regulation of Investment Minors Fund: Comparative Study”.
The thesis, presented by the student Zahra Hamza Abdel-Reda, aims to shed light on the distinctive class of the society, especially their numbers have been increased due to the current circumstances.
It also shows the efforts made by the concerned  offices in order to invest the funds of minors for a specific period of time, and then evaluate the position of the Iraqi legislator regarding the investment of these funds, all this in the light of the latest amendments made to the care of minors act and instructions issued.
The study concludes that it is necessary to amend some articles of The Welfare of Minors Act No. 78 of 1980; and to add a proposal for the Investment of minors’ funds in different areas in order to develop and preserve them.