University of Kerbala Discussing an M.A Thesis entitled ” Academic Integrity and its Relationship to Five Minds of Postgraduate Students”

Faculty of Education for Human Sciences / University of Kerbala has discussed an M.A thesis on academic integrity and its relationship to five minds of postgraduate students.
The problem of the study is that most educational terminology focuses on curricula and teaching methods, while there is something fundamental missing, which is student’s psychology and his honest behaviour, which could be more important than cognitive factors.
The study aims at highlighting the fact that integrity is a major and important value in any society, and many dimensions and values ​​that enter into its composition and contribute to its crystallization as a realistic reality that is practiced by various behaviours of individuals.
The study identifies academic integrity of graduate students, and determining five minds of graduate students.
Findings of the study is that research sample (postgraduate students) enjoys high statistical significance in academic integrity.