A Lecturer from University of Kerbala Authoring a Book entitled ” Forensic Entomology and Insect Pests”

Asst. Lect. Zahraa Al-Mufarji, a lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture / University of Kerbala, participates in writing a scientific book specializing in forensic insects, with Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdel Rahim, who is a Professor of Biological Insect Control at National Research Center from Arab Republic of Egypt.
The book has been published by German publishing house Lambert Academic Publishing.
The book is one of few books on Forensic insects, especially in Arab world, as it is considered a valuable reference of researchers and students of science in this field.
The book includes an explanation of the role of entomology in uncovering circumstances of criminal cases. The book also contains life history of insects that accompany the corpse from death until complete decomposition, through which date and place of death and how it occurred are known.