University of Kerbala Discussing an M.A Thesis on Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria Causing Bloodstream Infections

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences / University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A. thesis which is entitled “isolation and characterization of causative bacteria of catheter related blood stream infections and the role of interleukin-10 in patients with hemodialysis.
The study, presented by Duha Hussein Jiyad, aims at characterizing and distributing type of bacterial infection, testing sensitivity to antibiotics, and relationship of interleukin 10 with catheter related bloodstream infections.
The thesis concludes that bacterial infection occurs in 48.6% of central venous catheter patients and 8.6% of arteriovenous fistula patients, and Staphylococcus epiinfectionis the most common bacterial species isolated from dialysis patients.
The thesis recommends studying other types of microbial agents, such as viruses and fungi, among dialysis patients.