University of Kerbala Discussing Preparations for Holding its fourth Scientific Conference of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Kerbala has discussed preparations for its fourth scientific conference.
The preparatory and scientific committees have met under chairmanship of Dean of the faculty , Prof. Dr. Al-Bazi; they agree to discuss preparations for international conference that will be held next May and under the title: (With scientific research, we protect health and animal production).
In the meeting, the details of many topics related to the preparations for the conference have been discussed, and a complete mechanism worked out to provide all its requirements in terms of scientific and preparatory matters, and to verify the number of research received by the committees and the mechanism for their distribution, as well as distribution of tasks to all committees, each according to its competence and role.
Dean of the faculty stresses the necessity of concerted efforts in order to bring out the conference in a wonderful manner and at a high level in terms of scientific and preparatory aspects.