University of Kerbala Holding a Training Course entitled “Language Skills”

Faculty of Education for Human Sciences /University of Kerbala has held a training course which is entitled (Language Skills) with participation of a number of researchers and specialists.
The course aims at acqainting participants with language skills and their uses according to scientific and linguistic curriculum and to raise level of the individual in language skills so that he masters analytical listening, attentive reading, proper speaking and correct writing according to the rules of the language.
The language skills course includes four basic skills in the communication process, namely: (listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills). It is transmitted through generations, and is indispensable in all fields in general, and learning different languages ​​and cultures in particular.
The course focuses on dialogues with a good speech in terms of validity and consistency – reading any text for understanding, comprehension, linking, balancing, criticism and analysis – writing a message or an article that meets its conditions in terms of the sequence, interdependence and integration of ideas – proficiency in the performance of the main language skills: (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and its sub-skills.