University of Kerbala Holding a Scientific Symposium entitled Applications of “Natural Polymers”

Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences /University of Kerbala has organized a scientific symposium which is entitled (Applications of Natural Polymers) with participation of a number of researchers and specialists.
The symposium aims at getting acquainted with the concept of polymers, as well as their classification based on several established principles, where the sources of these polymers are either natural, industrial, or natural modified.
The symposium deals with types of natural polymers, their sources, and their importance in daily life for medical and economic standpoints, as well as their importance for plants and animals.
The symposium focuses on polymers and their classification, topic of natural polymers and their classification as well as their applications, and how to manufacture modified natural polymers through making some modifications to natural polymers.
The symposium stresses the importance of polymers as they play a fundamental and total role in uses of daily life, due to their unique properties and also because of benefits of polymers in various fields. They are essential materials in everyday industrial sectors, such as adhesives, building materials, paper, apparel, fibres, plastics, ceramics, concrete, liquid crystals and photoresist.