University of Kerbala Holding a Scientific Lecture on ” Art of Free Hand Drawing”

Faculty of Engineering /University of Kerbala has hosted Prof. Dr. Salwa Mohsen, a teacher at faculty of Fine Arts – University of Babylon.
Prof. Dr. Salwa Mohsen deals with some important vocabulary in curriculum of Department of Architecture, and stages of art through the ages, from cave architecture and ancient architecture, through Islamic architecture, to post-modern and contemporary arts, which would contribute to enriching students’ ideas.
Hosting and organizing the lecture comes within activities of strengthening the external cooperation relations of scientific departments between universities, and contributing to the development of scientific curricula, as Deanship of the faculty of Engineering and the Presidency of Department of Architecture / University of Kerbala seek to continue enriching scientific, practical and cultural activity of our students, which contributes to supporting the educational process to serve the country.