University of Kerbala Launches Global Entrepreneurship Week Activities

University of Kerbala launches activities of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 , with presence of President of the University, Prof. Dr. Basem K. Nile, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Akram Al-Yasiri, representative of Prime Minister Mazen Mahmoud Hafez, representative of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Research and Development Department.
In his speech during launching activities, Prof. Dr. Basem K. Nile says that goal of entrepreneurship project is to create job opportunities for the young and enable them to manage their own projects.
Nile calls on students to take care of themselves and develops skills needed by labour market.
Representative of Prime Minister Mazen Mahmoud Hafez states that “Riyada (entrepreneurship) Initiative” has launched in order to empower the young and developed their creative energies.

Mahmoud states that the initiative aims at motivating groups of students and youth to interact with labour market variables and technological development and invest in individual skills in various fields, stressing the need for the government sectors concerned with qualifying youth to have an active role in transforming youth energies into active forces in society.