University of Kerbala Organizing a Training Course on News Writing

Department of Registration and Student Affairs /University of Kerbala has organized a training course on writing the university’ news, with participation of staff and officials of media department of the university.
The three-day course aims at training participants on new writing according to correct templates and to cover the various activities held by the University.
The course, which has been attended by Director of Department of Media and Public Relations, Dr. Yahya Al-Taei, and Head of Information Department at Presidency of the University, Mr. Dhia Mezher, includes trainings on writing general and scientific news and how to edit them according to approved professional templates, as well as specifications for the formal equivalent of the news and their conformity to the subject of the news.
Director of the Registration Department, Dr. Mushtaq Kareem Abdel Rahim, says that the department seeks to raise the level of staff by organizing various scientific and administrative activities.