University of Kerbala University Organizing an Awareness Symposium on Electronic Extortion

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine /University of Kerbala, in cooperation with Directorate of National Security in Karbala, has organized an educational and awareness seminar on (electronic extortion) with participation of faculty, staff and students.
The symposium aims at educating students and explaining the methods used by weak-minded in electronic extortion and ways of protection, in cooperation with the community police.
The symposium includes a lecture on electronic blackmail, its types, causes and motives, whether material, psychological or emotional, in addition to an explanation of negative effects and damages that the victim will suffer directly or indirectly as a result of pressures and threats used by blackmailers after targeting the victim.
Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Wefaq Al-Bazi presents her thank to National Security Directorate for this initiative that seeks to serve students and their families and reveal facts of electronic fraud and extortion.
The symposium highlights the most important preventive methods and recommendations that must be followed to limit the spread of this phenomenon, control it and protect citizens from it, as it is considered a serious crime in the society.