A Researcher from University of Kerbala Innovates an Early Fire Detection System

Faculty of Engineering / University of Kerbala, has discussed the M.A thesis which is presented by Zahraa Shihab Ahmed whom has invented a system for detecting fires in outdoor open spaces using video imaging and computer processing systems.
The researcher provides a solution to the problem of increase in fire cases in Iraq through a research she submitted to obtain an M.A degree, which is entitled “An automatic system for detecting fires and locating them in open outdoor places.”
The thesis discusses relationship between increasing rise in temperatures in Iraq and the world and problems of electrical connection in Iraq and impact of this on increasing fires in orchards, farms and buildings, which leads to great economic loss.
The research presentes a solution to problem represented in the use of video imaging and computer processing systems, which is a system that adopts conversion of color spaces and optimization methods to detect flame of fire and smoke at a speed of 0.08 parts of a second.
The results shows that accuracy of system reached 97% for recorded video clips and exceeds 95% for real-time video clips, while this system can be used to detect fires in large buildings and facilities, as well as to detect fires in farms, orchards and wheat fields.