A Teacher from Kerbala University Publishing a Research in the Journal of the Faculty Basic Education / University of Babylon

The lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the University of Kerbala, Dr. Rafid Naji Wadi, has published a scientific research in the Journal of the Faculty of Basic Education for Educational and Human Sciences issued by the Faculty of Basic Education, University of Babylon
The research was published in the 15th issue of the journal, which is entitled (The Multiple Syntax of the Poetic witness in Mughni al-Labib by Ibn Hisham – An Analytical and Indicative Study)
The researcher indicates that his research is considered a procedural study in the analysis of the poetic witness, leading to directing the syntax corresponding to the meaning by combining clues from the linguistic context and the communicative position, the knowledge of the speaker and the addressee, the references of the discourse and so on.