An M. A. Thesis at Kerbala University Examining the Impact of the Russbach Model on Cognitive Achievement and Teaching some Basic football Skills for Students

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Kerbala discusses the thesis entitltd “the effect of the Russbach model on cognitive achievement and the learning of some basic football skills for students”.
The research , presented by a M.A. student, Amjad Hussain Aliwi Al-Nasrawi, aims at identifying the effect of the Russbach model on cognitive achievement and learning some basic football skills for students.
The research recommends that teaching method teachers should be encouraged to use modern teaching models that help to raise the level of education of students and to adopt a Russbach model in training skills (passing, damping and rolling) in football in order to effectively achieve the lesson objectives for these skills and the need to pay attention to modern teaching models that carry It includes methods based on behavioral and constructive theory that contribute to raising the level of students, developing the educational process, conducting studies that include the use of a Russbach model in developing complex skills in football, conducting scientific studies using the Russbach model in other activities and games, and the need to take into account individual differences between students, their preferences and abilities, and thus choose Models appropriate to the nature of the activity practiced to teach better.