Kerbala University Holding a Seminar on TMJ and its Relationship to Back diseases

With the participation of a number of researchers and specialists, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Kerbala University has hold a seminar entitled (The Relationship of TMJ diseases to neck, shoulder and back pain).

      The seminar aims at shedding light on the medical problem prevalent in global societies, especially in Iraqi society, whose members suffer from problems, the mother, neck, shoulder and back cramps and their relationship with the problems of the temporomandibular joint and recurrent dental pain, as well as the problems of the nasal sinuses and the headache caused by tension.

      The seminar includes a lecture in which  a full explanation has been given about the temporal joint disorders and the problems that affect the jaw muscles as they lead to muscle fatigue and pressure on them, and thus the occurrence of spasms.

 The lecture deals with the scientific studies that demonstrate the relationship between diseases affecting the jaw and teeth and back pain which may be caused mainly by the teeth, since the jaw is linked to the spine through the muscles and nerves, and that the temporomandibular joint may lead to the pain of the teeth, neck, tinnitus, and headache  dizzy and others.