The Impact of Including Digital Game Design and Programming Classes in University Curricula:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Heba Jabbar Aleqabie
Asst. Prof. Dr. Noor D. Al-Shakarchy

College of Computer Science & Information Technology, Computer Science DepartmenThe Impact of Including Digital Game Design and Programming Classes in University Curricula
The phenomenal development of the Internet, information technology, and digital platforms have resulted in the widespread use of computer games, with one statistic indicating that as of late 2016, the number of people worldwide who play digital games surpassed 2 billion, leading to an increase in investment in this field. The number of people that engage in digital games rose significantly after 2020. Besides, it has a distinctive generation, the digital generation, whose members come from many backgrounds, cultures, and ages.
Digital game developers who fulfil the realities of the digital world and the economy, as well as possess a future vision, knowledge of the infrastructure, and basic concepts for developing innovative businesses in the digital world, such as game design and production and digital content production, have emerged as the true funders of growth in the digital games market.
The digital game designer specialization merged technology and creative ability to develop visually appealing games that suit players’ preferences. It is one of the technological specializations that is expanding and developing in response to current advances, such as the increased usage of computer and mobile applications and the development of new tools that aid in the process of creating games with professional programs [2].
Broad Concept of Digital Game Design
At a time when digital phones, laptops, tablets, and special gaming devices are becoming more common, the study of programming and the creation of digital games has emerged as one of the most intriguing fields. Digital games are seen as a contemporary kind of entertainment. One of the essential subjects for people interested in digital technology and computer science is game programming. The process begins with a concept, then moves on to design, drawings, characters, the nature of reality, music, and sound effects, and finally to the ultimate product, the game [3].

What motivates a student to attend digital game design courses?
One of the contemporary disciplines is digital game design and programming. A specialist can earn a good living shortly after graduating, and career chances are plentiful in major corporations. This is a specialization that allows for individual creation. Through autonomous work, a specialist may execute his own ideas, creating important, modern, and helpful games for game development that help to develop brains and individuals in human civilizations [4].
There are two primary directions of digital game design:
The artistic direction: it involves the development of the student’s art as well as the creativity and imagination side.
The technical direction: it brings the student to advanced rates in the field of software in addition to the need for digital training [5].

Following graduation, careers that specialize in digital game design
Montage and design effects in tv stations.
Tv advertising design.
Designing educational CDs.
Animation and multimedia production.
Directing television commercials.
Work at graphic design studios and on websites.
Work as a software developer or software designer.
Work as a graphic designer or a developer of mobile apps.
Designer of video games [3].
What abilities does a game creator require?
Animation – Characters in modern games should appear to be alive. The term “animation” literally means “life-giving.” Understanding the capabilities and constraints of character animation will help you to create innovative game design concepts that the world has yet to see.
Anthropology – You will investigate your audience in their natural environment, attempting to determine the player’s desire until your games fulfil that desire.
Architecture entails designing more than simply buildings; it entails designing entire towns and universes. Understanding the relationship between people and surroundings will be a great help in building gaming worlds if you are familiar with the area of architecture.
Brainstorming – You’ll need to develop dozens, if not hundreds, of new ideas.
Business – The gaming industry is just an industry. The majority of games are designed to make money. The better you grasp the financial side of things, the more likely you are to create your ideal game.
Engineering – Today’s video games contain some of the most intricate engineerings in the world, with some titles boasting millions of lines. New technological advancements enable new sorts of games [9].
What is the significance of programming and game design?
Since previous years, the video game market has been one of the most profitable markets, especially games designed and programmed to suit Android and IOS smartphones. For example, many have heard and even played the FORTNITE game, which is a free game that achieved more than 1.2 billion dollars within months of its release. These revenues are only from one game, and this free game has succeeded in reaching these profits, so don’t be shocked if a video game developer job is listed as one of the essential technological positions in the future [3].

In general, the benefits of game design are numerous, including:
A speciality that relies on digital technology and keeps up with current advances.
It allows the learner to express himself creatively while enhancing his artistic abilities.
The graduate works in his preferred subject and has numerous and different chances.
The graduate can start his own business and avoid the routine of the job [5].
And because of the restrictions that were imposed due to the Corona pandemic on social and economic activities in most countries, many found themselves forced to stay in homes for long periods, which led to the nullification of social life, and large sectors were affected, while this crisis was a golden opportunity for electronic game companies, which It has benefited greatly from the current conditions imposed by Corona[10].

The class of GAME DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING has been incorporated as one of the core classes in the second stage in the Department of Computer Science, College of Computer Science and Information Technology at Karbala University for the years 2018-2021, I, Hiba Jabbar, who presented to you this article, taught the course. Exploited to build and program games using the global game engine Unity since the lessons saw high engagement despite the fact that the subject was taught electronically due to the Corona epidemic.
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