University of Kerbala Discussing a Ph.D. Dissertation on Allocation of in-kind Guarantees

Faculty of Law, University of Kerbala, has discussed the Ph.D. dissertation which is entitled “the legal system for allocation of in-kind guarantees: a comparative study”. The thesis has been submitted Abeer Nouri Muhammad Al-Qattan
The thesis aims at showing the importance of allocating in-kind guarantees as a concept represented in assigning something for a specific matter.
The thesis explains that the allocation of these guarantees, i.e. their designation for the purpose of repaying the debt, has effects, and these effects are rights for the creditor and corresponding to that the rights of the owner of the guarantee.
It emphasizes that the rule of non-partitioning of the mortgage applies to all specific guarantees for a particular debt, as the scope of allocating in-kind guarantees including the agreement guarantees of which the mortgage is one of its members, as well as other judicial and legal guarantees.