University of Kerbala Discussing a Ph. D Dissertation on “The Impact of Measurement in Expanding Scope of Business”

Faculty of Law, University of Kerbala, has discussed the Ph. D dissertation which is entitled (The Impact of Measurement in Expanding Scope of Business: A Comparative Study). It is submitted by Shatha Kamel Nehme.
The dissertation aims at showing the impact of measurement in expanding scope of business, and importance of continuous development in business.
The discussion shows that the commercial environment is constantly and steadily developing, which generates the emergence of commercial businesses and economic activities that the legislator does not address when he is exposed to the business census. The exclusive census narrows the scope of these businesses, especially with the absence of trade laws from a definition of business.
The researcher concludes that judiciary is the practical field for the application of measurement, and judicial obstacles become inevitable with the legislative absence in the Iraqi Trade Law No.