University of Kerbala Discussing an M.A Thesis entitled “Intelligent Decision Support Model for Healthcare Data Managemen based on Fog Computing “

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology/ University of Kerbala has discusses the M.A thesis which is entitled ( Intelligent decision support model for healthcare data management based on fog computing).
The thesis, submitted by (Auras Abdel Khader Hussein), aims at studying the importance of smart decision-making in data management within health sector according to modern systems and software.
The study addresses the importance of using smart model to support emergency management decision in health field in fog computing environment (IDSMFOG).
The researcher reaches to a number of results, the most important is a system that supports decision-making in health field by using machine learning algorithms (SVM and K-means) and a tool (QU-DSS) to measure the performance of the system in terms of its usability and decision support. It is possible for researchers in this field to employ other algorithms such as DBSCAN. They can also develop the system to include more than two classes, in addition to calculating system performance using metrics such as Throuput and Bandwidth.