University of Kerbala Discussing an M.A. Thesis on Evaluation of Preventive Role of Aqueous Extract of Annon squamosal fruit.

Department of Biology at the / Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences / University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A. thesis which is entitled “Evaluation of protective role of aqueous extract of Annon squamosal fruit on some functional parameters and liver and kidney tissues in male albino rats treated with the drug Doxorubicin.”
The aim of the study is testing effectiveness of aqueous extract of Annona squamosa fruit in different doses as a preventive substance to reduce toxic effects of Doxorubicin (DOX) on liver, kidney and heart tissue in white male rats and to study some histological and functional changes.
The study recommends the necessity of taking advantage of active compounds of sour cream fruit extract after isolating it to reduce toxicity induced by some chemicals.