University of Kerbala occupies an Advanced Positions on Iraqi universities within the UI GreenMetric Ranking

The University of Kerbala has ranked 17 Iraqis according to the UI GreenMetric ranking of the state of Indonesia, which is concerned with the classification of international universities that work on improving the environmental aspect and providing a suitable environment for its students.
University President Pr. Dr. Basem Al-Saedi says that Kerbala University has achieved the 17th rank at the level of Iraqi universities out of 61 Iraqi universities, and the 683 rank at the level of international universities according to the UI GreenMetric global scale for the year 2020.
He adds that the classification is concerned with the university’s interest in sustainability and green environment standards. This can be maintained whether on the theoretical level through various academic programs or on the practical application of these standards in planning and designing campuses and university buildings, as well as community awareness of the importance of these concepts and their role in improving the living environment for community members.
Al-Saedi indicates that the University of Kerbala has entered the classification in 2019, and ranked 27 out of 44 Iraqi universities, and with the great efforts of the cadres working at the University of Kerbala obtained leaps in the classification for the year 2020, by relying on the classification criteria of the universities.