University of Kerbala Scientific study in Board (PhD) of Pathology

Faculty of Medicine / University of Kerbala has discussed the Ph.D. dessirtation by (Heba Muayyad Al-Yasiri) which is entitled (Status of TFF3 expression in prostatic adenocarcinoma in a group of Iraqi patients).

The dissertation aims at evaluateing expression of TFF3 factor in prostate cancer , its benign enlargement , link it to histological differentiation, perineural invasion and lymphatic vasculature , some clinical variables such as age and PSA level and conforming the importance of its use as a diagnostic marker for prostate cancer.

The dissertation concludes that the expression of TFF3 increased with the increase in differentiation of prostate cancer and level of PSA, which indicates that it can be used as a diagnostic marker for prostate cancer.

The thesis recommends the need to correlate with molecular analysis such as F.I.S.H – P.C.R western blot- to confirm the relationship between TFF3 factor and prostate cancer, and have more clinical information for the study regarding tumor stage and tumor size.