A Lecturer from Kerbala University Participates in an International Workshop

 The teacher from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the University of Kerbala, Dr. Refah Abdul-Hussein Mahdi Al-Fatlawi, participates in an online workshop on the classification and management of journals,

    The workshop has been hold under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wali Mahmoud Hamad, President of the University of Koya and the Swedish-Iraqi Network for Studies at the Swedish University of Lund and the global partner portal for conference management and journals, Dr. Al-Fatlawi  participates within  270 participants from various universities inside and outside Iraq participated,

 The workshop lasts two weeks, using the e-learning platform, Google Class Room, WhatsApp and Telegram  Applications to communicate.

  In the workshop, the participants have been tested before it has been hold so as to show the level of information they possess before the “pretest workshop”, then gave five lectures per hour lecture with short Quiz in the lectures.

 The workshop concludes with the final test, the first attempt, through a Google Classroom where 175 participants successfully passed the exam, and after that they have been awarded participation certificates from Koya University and the Swedish Iraqi Network.